Our Culture, Vision

and Mission


We have a unique culture that draws excellent creative minds and businesses. Every employee is charged with promoting and preserving our culture. Our leadership is responsible for promoting a culture through which every employee feels valued and recognized.

Our culture is woven throughout our organization and into the lives of our staff, from how Employees interact with one another to how our Company prioritizes our team. 

Appreciation, recognition, and celebration are the three key elements of our culture. 

We strive to appreciate every Employee in the workplace in order to promote and encourage a pleasant and healthy working environment. 

Employees take time to recognize each other in formal and informal ways.

​​​​​Celebrating is something Cogent is known for, our Company history is full of fun and creative employee events, and enjoy annual incentive travel. Our Employees enjoy participating in locally-hosted celebrations and recognition for life events and milestones.

Our culture is what attracts talent and business. We are a collection of creative professionals who are eager to learn and apply our skills to your vision. Creative thoughts thrive best naturally, in an atmosphere that is highly diverse and inclusive. We will guide you through the production process with respect and unblemished integrity.


To be recognized as a solution provider and consultant of choice for Hybrid Events, Virtual Events, Live Meetings, Conventions, Trade Shows, Corporate Events, Medical, Government, Military Events, Special Events, and Experiential Branding. To take pride in our ability to help our clients find the right solution platform by designing innovative and responsible solutions to solve their problems. To enjoy a work environment where team members support and challenge each other to be their very best, and where employees are empowered, accountable and engaged.


To be the world’s most loved, most efficient, and most profitable production company.

  • Create a culture in which clients, peers, and coworkers feel more respected. By being attentive to others, communicating effectively, and collaborating, we will enhance the client's experience.
  • To produce products of exceptional quality that rank technically superior in comparison to those of our competitors.
  • Being accountable for all assigned responsibilities and assuming full control of all duties is essential.
  • To maintain a high level of morale by creating an atmosphere where individuals are entrusted to work independently while challenged to reach their maximum potential to be a financially sound and successful company that is highly respected and well recognized in the industry and the greater community

Our Promise

  • We will demonstrate the spirit of a warrior by striving to be our best and never giving up.
  • We will demonstrate a servant's heart by providing exceptional customer service and treating others with respect.
  • We will convey a fun, positive attitude by not taking ourselves too seriously and by embracing our Cogent team.