Kevin Scoggins

Senior Event Manager

Kevin has extensive experience in planning large scale events on time and within budget. As an efficient and productive management professional, Kevin develops and manages diverse, cross-functional teams and coordinates multiple services.

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Jamie Bohner

Vice President Business Development

An accomplished senior level tourism and hospitality professional, Jamie Bohner’s mission is to help individuals and organizations provide an exceptional customer experience. Jamie has over 18 years of event management experience across multiple arenas.

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Dennis O'Brien

Senior Video Engineer and Technical Problem Solver

An electrician by trade, Dennis made his way into the Audio-Visual Industry in the early-1980s and has kept up with the ever-evolving technology.  He not only mastered using light boxes and slide projectors decades ago...

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José Cadena, DES

Vice President of Production Solutions

With an impressive 25-year track record in the industry, José Cadena stands out as a successful director, production manager and trusted leader. He has a wealth of diverse experience in corporate events, experiential meetings, product launches and one-of-a-kind special events.

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Tim Dyer

Chief Executive Officer

Since founding Cogent Global Solutions, Inc. in 2017, Tim Dyer has served as its President and CEO. As the President and CEO of Cogent, Tim Dyer oversees multiple aspects of daily operations, as well as long term planning.

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James Rut

Chief Information Officer

Having served as a Senior IT Event Manager, an IT Project Manager, a Consultant and ITDirector,James knows IT and how it impacts the customer experience. With a strong track record as an IT Project Manager in the entertainment industry, James also has experience working with cyber security, nonprofits, streaming media, video, audio engineering, and production management.

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Richard Nacht, Esq.


 Richard has been practicing law for 35 years and holds an MBA. He created six companies, acts as outside counsel to 30+ clients, including Cogent, and has been an advisor to more than 1,000 startups and early-stage entrepreneurs.  

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Mark Beazley

Senior Video Engineer and Creative Designer

Mark Beazley is a video magician who draws on years of video engineering and event experience to make audio and video happen beyond what is expected. Armed with technical expertise and serious industry knowledge, Mark can stream content and produce broadcast video on demand.

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John Osborn


John Osborn, P.C. primary focus is accounting, taxation, payroll, PC hardware and software consulting, and business consulting. He has served a wide range of individuals, corporations, partnerships, and non-profit organization...

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