OUr Team

We believe a diverse and inclusive workforce is the catalyst for all progress. We encourage team members to share unique experiences and perspectives in support of better understanding, open dialogue, and enacting positive change.

OUr Community

We have a social responsibility to the communities in which we work, live and serve. Through volunteerism, sponsorship and support for diverse charitable causes, we strive to use our influence and partnerships to empower underserved communities and populations.

OUr Customers

It is our mission to be an invaluable partner on our customers’ journey. We continue to develop team members, resources and a brand that respect, reflect and best align with the unique needs and perspectives of our diverse customer base as we continue to deliver world-class service.

OUr Suppliers

We strive to encourage and increase the support of and long-term relationships with businesses owned by minority or underserved populations.

Business Resource Groups

By creating an all-inclusive environment, we empower team members to be represented throughout various internal groups, which are open to all team members within the company. Our goal is to foster growth and development for our team members by offering compelling workshops, seminars and networking opportunities.

People of Color

This group of dedicated team members promote the development and advancement of under-represented groups within Cogent by providing continuous development opportunities, coaching and mentorship.


We create an environment for the women across the organization to share ideas, support one another, and deliver programs that contribute to their professional and personal development.


This proud group of individuals create and foster an inclusive and engaging LGBTQ+ community and work environment by focusing on community engagement, developing diverse talent, and creating meaningful client relationships through our shared core values.


Cogent provides opportunities for all team members to recognize and welcome veterans and their families to join the Cogent family. Our goal is to provide social and professional networking opportunities, facilitate personal professional development opportunities, support our recruitment and retention of veterans, and participate or sponsor events within our communities to respect, honor and support our military and veterans.

AGS Pride Event

Cogent Global Solutions joined our friends at the American Geriatrics Society fro their Pride event. We are proud to have represented with them!


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