Mark Beazley

Senior video engineer and Technical Problem Solver

An electrician by trade, Dennis made his way into the Audio-Visual Industry in the early-1980s and has kept up with the ever-evolving technology. He not only mastered using light boxes and slide projectors decades ago, but has continued that expertise in the latest in LED being used along with the most modern video switching systems designed. He was instrumental in navigating both the Cogent team and our clients through the shift into a Virtual World and now the transition back to live and hybrid events. Dennis is the “go-to” for all technical aspects of producing events and plays an integral part behind the scenes. He is well versed in understanding the inner workings of the equipment, which keeps the events on time and flawless. We continually have clients express to us that they see the how valuable Dennis is and it keeps them at ease knowing top technical experts are part of their event team. Dennis lives in Texas with his wife and enjoys hunting in his free time.


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