james Rut

Chief Information officer

James is an expert in researching, analyzing, and diagnosing IT issues to ensure proper solutions are identified quickly and efficiently. His strong technical skillset combined with his ability to communicate effectively and persuasively, makes him a valuable asset as a consultant, able to convey complex concepts in easy-to-understand terms. He is instrumental in developing and executing comprehensive IT solutions like the NxLCP system that is tailored to the specific needs of each client, while also staying up-to-date on the latest industry trends and technologies.

James is well-versed in ensuring IT compliance and understands the importance of keeping sensitive information secure. He is committed to providing superior service, delivering innovative solutions, and responding rapidly to customer requests. Above all, he prides himself on being both a strategic and hands-on leader in the IT field.

Additionally, James has extensive experience leading teams of technical professionals in delivering successful projects. His team management skills are based on his ability to keep a clear vision, guide people through challenging tasks, and foster an environment conducive to collaboration. He has proven success in managing complex projects and meeting tight deadlines while maintaining the highest quality of service. Beyond that, he makes sure his team is equipped with the necessary tools to do their best work and remains available to provide guidance and advice.


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