Tim Dyer

Chief Executive Officer

Since founding Cogent Global Solutions, Inc. in 2017, Tim Dyer has served as its President and CEO. As the President and CEO of Cogent, Tim Dyer oversees multiple aspects of daily operations, as well as long term planning. Presiding over logistics, policies and procedures, Tim oversees the successful management of the current and future company strategies. He demonstrates distinctive leadership throughout all departments, encourages a positive company culture, and actively promotes our company promise:  

  • To demonstrate the spirit of a warrior by striving to be my best and never giving up.
  • To demonstrate a servant’s heart by providing exceptional customer service and treating others with respect.
  • To convey a fun, positive attitude by not taking things too seriously and by embracing my Cogent team.

With a financial background plus high levels of organizational expertise, Tim will ensure that your organization’s assets and resources are deployed appropriately to meet the needs of your event. He will conduct various functions, including compliance, finance, human resources, legal, marketing, operations, sales and technology. He will make sure the team works within the fiscal parameters you have defined, and match the right people to the proper places at your event, fostering a successful and satisfying outcome. 

Versatile, adaptable and uncommonly prepared, Tim has a degree in Accounting and is a hobby fisherman.  


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